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Related post: Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 16:14:00 -0700 From: BT Subject: Quality Time With Nephews #3This story is a complete work of fiction. If you are under 18 or it is illegal for you to read this because of the magic boys bbs laws in your state, please stop now. I have really appreciated all the feedback received so far. Keep those comments and ideas coming to"Uncle Brad, alexx free bbs bbs black girls Todd. What are you doing?" I heard my 11 year nephew Josh ask. Looking free bbs party tgp up I saw him in the doorway of the bedroom in his pajamas and his curly black hair tousled from a good nights sleep. Problem was he had just walked into the bedroom as I had emptied a loud of cum in his 15 year old brothers ass. virgin bbs pictures In fact I was still lying on top of Todd with my cock buried deep in that ass as I tried to think of a response."Josh, let me explain." I said nervously as I removed my still half hard cock and grabbed a pillow to cover myself. As Josh stood there still in the same place looking at me and his brother who was still lying on his bbs kinder back bbs nashville tn on the bed, his eyes darting back between me and Josh, I tried to think of what to say next. Finally I stammered "Todd diaper world bbs and I were just having some fun".Josh finally spoke up and said "I bent over teen bbs could hear ped bbs bbs preeteen kids you both down the hall but I don't get this" and walked out of the room.Frantic I looked for my robe and Todd spoke up. "Let me go talk to him, Uncle Brad. I can make him understand all this." He than slid off the bed and walked down the hall naked to his brothers room. I waited for a few moments to gather my thoughts and than followed and teen lol bbs pic walked down and saw Todd standing in the doorway of his brothers room still naked.While pedo sex bbs video Josh sat on his bed his brother said "I know you have questions so just ask me." When Josh didn't reply at first, Todd added, "We were just having a good time dude."Josh finally said, "But he was fucking you! Didn't that hurt.""Well, I guess so at first, but only for a minute and than it feels really good." Todd replied.Josh than let his glance drift down his brothers body and noticed a small pool forming at Todd's foot and asked "What is that?"Looking down Todd realized what Josh was looking at and indian porn bbs uk reached down and rubbed bbs thong his hand on the inside of his thigh. Lifting it up to his ivan lo bbs mouth, he smelled best bbs cp portal it and than actually licked the liquid on his finger free bbs tits and said "Oh, that's Uncle Brad's cum. It is leaking out of my ass" he giggled. He than walked across the girls tits bbs hall and grabbed a towel and wrapped it around his waist and went back into Josh's room and sat on the bed next too him. Half hugging his brother, Todd said "Really, we were just having fun and I don't want you all weirded nude bbs teen out about it."Looking up at his brother, Josh said, "So what was it like? Did it really feel good?" When Todd nodded yes Josh said, "Well, why don't you show me?"Laughing Todd grabbed his brother in a headlock and than shoved him back on the bed and said "You horn dog! You aren't old enough to be doing this kind of stuff yet!" But yes, It feels virgin teen models bbs good and you underground videos bbs will incest fucking bbs find out soon ls magazine bbs preview enough when you are a bit older!"Slapping at his brothers arm, Josh said, nude modeling bbs topsites "That sucks, man! I am tired of you always telling me I am too young! How bbs dark pics links would you know? japanese bbs link Maybe I am already having sex!" When Todd asked if he was Josh retorted "None of your business, jerk." He than grabbed his clothes and walked bbs teen jpg into the bathroom, slamming the door.Hearing the shower being turned on I walked into the bedroom and Todd was sitting there laughing. I said "You know Todd, that wasn't entirely helpful!"Still laughing he said "He is so full of shit. There is no way he has done anything yet."Shaking my bbs model index head I told him "I will take it from here. You need to get dressed and get going. You promised Mrs. Davis you would have her yard mowed before noon. I toplist teens girls bbs will talk to your brother so quit teasing him!"So while Todd slipped petite bbs models nude into his jeans and tank top and went running out the door, I went to the kitchen and began to make breakfast bbs girl pictures for Josh. childs bbs xxx About 20 minutes later he came into the kitchen and sat at bbs sites link the table. boylove bbs japan As I put his breakfast in front of him, I sat down as well and said, "O.K. Spill your guts and tell me what you think."As Josh began to eat he said between mouthfuls, "Well... I guess it is no big ls bbs sandra deal since Todd says so, but I just don't get it. But he pisses me off saying I am too young to do what he is doing! Why can't I mess around if I want too?"Weighing adolescent forum bbs my words carefully I said, "Well, Josh, there really is a big difference between being 11 and 15 when you are talking about sex. But haven't you done some experimenting cp bbs vombat already?" Watching him blush, teens tgp bbs I said "Looks like a yes to me. young model bbs forum So tell me about it.""Well, I have jerked off a lot and it feels good and all, but what you young pussy pic bbs guys were doing vombat com bbs looked like a lot more fun! Can't we try something like that?" he asked.Already terrified about what I had done and what kind of trouble it could cause I youngteen bbs told him, "Josh, you really should find someone closer to your own age." Seeing the hurt look on his face, I said "Really Josh, it will be much more fun for you to be with someone your own lilitas bbs pics age than an old guy like me!"Smiling, Josh looked at me and said "You didn't look so old when you were fucking my brother this morning."Realizing I wasn't going to win the argument but feeling more comfortable he wasn't freaked out board bbs gallery by the mornings events I said, "I tell you what. bbs land ls Let me think about it. But you need to get dressed if you are going to be at Nathan's on time for your game." teen bbs index page Looking at the clock illegal child porn bbs and seeing it was nearly time for his soccer game and considering preteem bbs sex list he lived and breathed soccer, he kicked back the chair and went running down the hall. Soon I had him at Nathan's and as he grabbed his gear and ran into his friends house.Driving into to town to do errands I couldn't help but wonder what was next. Did I want to have sex with my nephew? Of, course, but the fact he was only 11 bothered me. At least with Todd at age 15 he had much more awareness than an a 11 year old I thought. Obviously I needed to figure out something by the time I ls bbs girls got back at the house that afternoon, because it was clear that Josh's interest was clearly peaked and telling him he was too young may not work if he was as determined as he seemed that a.m.I arrived back at the house a few hours later and could see evidence that the boys had returned but didn't see them anywhere, which was not unusual. Living out in the country it was not unusual for them to panties pic bbs be out in the fields or down the road at the neighbors barn. But as I put the groceries away, model sexy bbs I realized I heard talking down the hall. Walking down the hall I saw Todd's bedroom door was april bbs little lola open part way and I could see from the bedroom closet mirror that they were sitting on the bed together and Todd was stroking incest children bbs his hard dick while his brother watched.Stroking his dick, Todd teen bbs xxx said "See how big it is! Now come on, you pussy, pull out your dick." Josh hesitated with his hands on resting on the waistband of his pants. toplist board bbs Todd reached out and pulled his brother closer and said "Here dude, let free bbs porn links me help you with that." and began to unbutton and unzip his pants. I saw Josh shiver as his brother pushed his pants and underwear down to his ankles, revealing Josh's rock hard dick bbs kds vids which looked to be not quite 5 inches. Realizing he had no hair on his dick was a total turn on and I realized my cock was rock hard and I began to stroke my dick.Todd, still sitting on the bed began to run his hands over his brothers chest and back and said "So, do you really want to see what Uncle Brad and I were doing?" Still shivering a speechless Josh nodded his head yes and Todd ran his hands down to his elweb bbs svens place brothers ass and pulled him even closer to him as he lowered his head down and took Josh's cock in his mouth and begin to move his mouth up and down on it.Josh cried out "Oh wow man! That feels so good." As Todd continued to suck him faster pre nude bbs Josh grabbed his brothers hair and began to thrust his dick into his brothers mouth and kept chanting "Oh wow.. Don't stop, please don't stop" and then cried out even louder "Oh my teen bbs top God man, I'm gonna, gonna...AAARRGGHH" and grabbed his brothers head and pulled the hot mouth to the base of his cock as he unloaded his load while his body convulsed.I realized I had unbuttoned my pants and was stroking my rock hard cock which free xxx teen bbs was leaking precum like a broken faucet. Todd swallowed his brothers load and as Josh's orgasm ended he slowly sank into his older brothers ranchi bbs sven bbs arms as Todd pulled him back on sex comics bbs the bed. Both were breathing heavily as they lay on the bed in each others arms.Finally Josh spoke "Oh my God. I can't believe we just did that!" Raising his head and illrgal cp bbs looking into his brothers eyes he said "So did I do O.K.? What did it taste like?"Stroking his little brothers back Todd said "You were fucking great man!" I didn't think japanes amateur bbs you would actually ls bbs guestbook go that far!"Josh replied, "But how did it taste... you know... when I came in your mouth?"Todd thought about if for a moment adut bbs and said "Well, you know I pedo bbs child pics can't really explain it. You would really need to just try and and find out for yourself." Todd grabbed ahold of his brothers hand and moved it down to his own hard cock and said "If you russian teeny bbs want to try it, I will show you how." asian bbs porn While Josh slowly began to stroke Todd's cock he still just laid there staring at what he was doing and Todd spoke up "C'mon dude, it is only fair considering I just virgin bbs tgp did you!"I watched as Josh moved his head down towards his brothers cock. He continued to stroke it as he opened up his mouth. He hesitated, his mouth open just an inch or so elweb teens bbs over the head of Todd's dick, and I realized his mouth was literally quivering!" Todd gently placed his turk teens bbs pics hands on his little brothers head and began to push it down. Josh kissed the head of the cock a couple of times and than slowly let it slip in his mouth causing Todd to sigh loudly.Slowly at first, Josh began to move his mouth up and down his brothers cock but soon he was moving up and bbs littlegirl thumbs down quickly as his brother continued to moan louder. Finally Todd cried out, "Oh fuck man, I'm going to cum! Going to cum bbs teen pix in your fucking mouth!" Suddenly Josh moved his mouth off his brothers dick just as Todd's cock began to shoot and struck Josh in the face. After he doll bbs had came Todd looked at the cum running down his brothers face and said "What the fuck dude! You said you wanted k book bbs to taste it!"Almost whining, dirty panties photo bbs Josh said "Yeah, I know but I got scared!"Grabbing his toon bbs little brother, Todd flipped him on his back and than straddled him, pinning Josh's arms to his sides and said "Well, you are going to taste it!" Scooping up the cum off his face on to his fingers, Todd pushed his fingers towards Josh's mouth. Josh at first wouldn't open his mouth but when nude virgins bbs Todd grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, Josh opened russia naked bbs his mouth as his brothers cum laden fingers slipped in his mouth. At first Josh struggled, but than his eyes opened wide! ranchi bbs gallery He began to nonnude bbs teen suck on his brothers fingers and when Todd moved his fingers out, Josh's mouth tried to follow his fingers. Todd scooped up more cum on his fingers and placed them in Josh's waiting mouth. Smiling, Todd said "I told you you would like it! Still it would have been better when it was hot". Than spying my reflection in the mirror, Todd smiled and little lola bbs said bbs forum models "Maybe you will get to find out! C'mon Uncle Brad!"Stepping out of my pants and removing my shirt I walked through the door with bbs imageboard sven my cock pointing out directly in front of me as though it was leading the direction. Todd rolled off of Josh bbs japan bondage who rolled onto his stomach and crawled to the edge of the bed and grabbed a hold of my cock and began to stroke it. I stood there, transfixed as I watched Josh open his mouth and began to move it on to my cock. As he closed his mouth and began to swirl his tongue around my cock bbs top pics I cried out! I couldn't believe how good it felt and how hot his young bbs porn mpegs mouth was! I slowly began to thrust my cock into his mouth and was amazed as he took more and more every minute. Not one to be left out, Todd got of the bed and kneeled behind me and I kds bbs porn felt him spread my ass cheeks apart. He than gently began to tongue my bbs dark porno collection hole as I did with him the day before. I couldn't believe how I had both of them showing me so much pleasure. As they worked faster on me I felt my load building. Looking down at Josh I told him, "Josh I am about free nude bbs to cum so if you don't want pubescent bbs forum me to cum in your mouth you need stop!" Instead of moving his head away I felt him grab my ass and try to pull me in deeper. Unable to hold back, I grabbed a hold of his curly black hair and emptied my load in him waiting mouth as I cried out! Once he had cleaned my cock off he sat up on the bed. I laid down on the bed as did Todd.Lying on my back, bbs super cuties I had Todd curled brazilian ls bbs up next to me on one side, Josh on the other. I looked down at Josh and said "Are you O.K.?"I was surprised when he replied "No." Looking down at him bbs child cuties nude pt bbs I saw a smile spread across his face as he said "You fucked Todd, but you still haven't fucked me yet."Pulling them tighter to me I laughed and said "You are correct. vombat nymph bbs But remember we have six weeks left and I'm thinking the fun has just began!"So what do you guys think? I still think there is a few more adventures for Uncle Brad, Todd, and Josh... elwebbs ranchi Any suggestions for their next adventure?
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